FARMINGTON — Franklin County commissioners’ proposed spending plan of $6.83 million for 2020-21, including the jail budget, now moves to review by the Budget Advisory Committee on Wednesday.

The proposed government expense budget is $4.58 million, which is $76,488 more than 2019-20. However, it is difficult to assess the true increase or decrease from the current budget because commissioners did not give a 3% cost-of-living increase to nonunion employees that the budget panel put in the current budget. Commissioners gave a 2% increase to nonunion workers and 1% to elected officials.

The department heads had requested $4.63 million with a proposed increase of 3% for nonunion workers, except for Emergency Management Agency, judge of probate and communications manager. Commissioners nixed the 3% proposal Tuesday. They put in 1%, except for Emergency Management Agency, judge of probate and communications manager.

The budget panel also added $30,000 in the 2019-20 budget for Western Maine Community Action, $10,000 for Western Maine Transportation Services, and $1 for SeniorsPlus as a place holder. Commissioners did not release any of the money and had not included funding in the budget for those agencies. They have been phasing out funds for those programs. Commissioners did increase the amount they used from the county’s undesignated fund by nearly $40,000 to offset the tax assessment that included money for those entities.

Commissioners did not fund those agencies in the 2020-21 proposed budget.

The 2020-21 proposed spending budget for the jail is $2.25 million. Department administrators had requested $2.27 million, which reflects a difference of $15,091.  The commissioners’ proposal reflects an increase of $9,820 from the current budget, according to information provided county Clerk Julie Magoon.

Anticipated revenues have not been factored into the total proposed budget. The county’s fiscal year operates from July 1 to June 30 each year.

To call in to the 5:30 p.m. budget committee meeting Wednesday, use 207-560-0523, and once the call is answered, enter the pin number of 196616.

People are also asked to email Jim Desjardins, the county’s IT systems manager, to let him know you are calling in and what phone number you will be using. His email is [email protected]

The budgets to be reviewed are: Superior court, Emergency Management Agency, district attorney, commissioners, treasurer, technical services and courthouse. Remaining budgets are expected to be taken up at another meeting.





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