TURNER ⁠— Sher Blevin’s pet tortoise Godzilla-Lee went everywhere with her, even on vacation. Then he went missing.

Godzilla the tortoise. Submitted photo

For two days, Blevin has been searching for her pet on her property at 99 Main St. in Turner and in her neighbors’ yards.

And she’s not been alone. According to Blevin, about 20 people showed up to help her look this morning, with a group coming from as far away as Rockport.

Godzilla is more than a pet: He’s a family member. Blevin’s husband, who died suddenly in December, bought Godzilla as a gift after Blevin’s father died eight years ago. Since then, Godzilla and Blevin have been inseparable.

“I rescue animals all the time. I can’t believe that he’s gone,” said Blevin.

According to Blevin, while firefighters were battling a wildfire in Turner Thursday, she was walking in her yard with Godzilla and heard a helicopter hovering low. She rushed inside, shut Godzilla in the kitchen, and went outside to see if the helicopter was landing. It wasn’t, but Godzilla managed to open the door.

Apparently, I didn’t shut the kitchen door tight enough, and it was enough for him to get out. He must have followed me, and I didn’t see him. I went back into the house and within an hour, I couldn’t find him,” said Blevin.

Since then, Blevin has been putting up posters around town. Drew Desjardins of Mr. Drew and His Animals Too of Lewiston put a post on Facebook that’s been shared over 1,000 times.

Blevin said she hopes Godzilla hunkered down nearby to stay warm, or burrowed in the ground on her property. She said he might come out once it gets warmer during the days.

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