Who would ever thought that a microscopic virus could set the world economy and so many lives into such an unthinkable dilemma?

With definite offshoots, our economies are based on manufacturing and agriculture. Watching “60 Minutes” recently, the plight of the small farmer bothered me while the large farm conglomerates qualified for government subsidies, as did anyone related to the owners of those large farms.

Not being an economist, I wonder if is it unreasonable for the family farmers to sell to the large farms (making larger profits)? That way, the small farms could survive, even though they never got the money promised to them by the federal government.

Have we ever seen supply and demand more prevalent in today’s society? Demand at grocery stores is high, along with prices, because of short supplies. The large farmers sell to companies that process products that are sent to the stores that, before buying products, have to deal with salaries, workmen’s compensation, insurance, wage increases and overhead before the consumers can buy said product.

Who does one trust today with all the greed, corruption and “the blame game”? Does it start at the top or the bottom?

I’ll start at the top. The president blames Congress, down to the cabinet-level, to the governors, to the mayors, to the people.

Who can you believe or trust today?

George Ferguson, Sabattus

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