Ken Morse is a candidate for the Maine House in District 71. He grew up on an apple orchard in Waterford. After completing his education, he worked in the orchard and helped build houses and barns. Later, he started and ran his own business, Grassroots Graphics. He has been involved in community organizing for his entire adult life. Most of his efforts have been focused on organizing food co-ops and working to alleviate food insecurity in Maine.

Should he be elected, he has the skills and experience needed to ably represent his constituency.

He will work with others to enact laws that benefit all Mainers.

He believes we all do better when we listen to each other and work together. That is why I believe in him.

Ken Morse has my vote in November and I hope others who live in District 71 will join me in his support.

Errol Libby, Norway

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