DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m writing because I didn’t realize you cannot send flowers to Clover Manor unless they come from a certain florist in Auburn. After trying to send flowers to a friend at the facility, the delivery was refused because it didn’t come from Auburn. It was hard to accept. These are difficult times and we all need to work together.

— No name, no town

ANSWER: You are right; we all need to work together and because of COVID-19, the staff at Clover Manor  and other elder care facilities are doing everything in their power to keep their residents and your loved ones safe. This is top priority. Everyone is missing each other and I know how it feels. I can’t go see my own mom right now and it’s extremely sad.

The fewer people and packages coming into these facilities the better. To that end, Clover Manor is only accepting flower deliveries from Ann’s Flower Shop through this time. The only other people allowed through the doors are those delivering prescriptions. Now, when you think this through, doesn’t it make sense?

Ann’s can be reached at 782-3457 or at

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I wanted to share information about the face coverings I have to offer. I cannot guarantee fabric pattern/prints, but I do make adult, child (5 to 7 years old) and toddler (2 to 5 years old) sizes.

The adult sizes are 7.5 inches long with pleats and are double-lined for a pocket for an extra filter. They have elastic ear loops and a sewn-in channel for a pliable piece of metal for your nose. The fabric is 100% cotton and fully washable. The charge for an adult mask is $6. I do not include the extra filter or the nose piece.

The child/toddler sizes are also pleated, have elastic ear loops and are double-lined, but have no filter pocket or channel. The child size is 6.5 inches long and toddler sizes are 5.5 inches long. The charge for these is $4 each.

I charge $2.74 for 1 to 3 day shipping in Maine and include tracking information, but shipping is based on the number of masks and method of shipping. My contact information is [email protected] or you can find me on Facebook at splitmonogram.

— Shelly, no town

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I know with the quarantine that it’s especially important to get regular exercise, and walking seems to be the most popular. That being said, it would be appreciated if dog owners adhere to leash laws. People don’t want dogs running at them while they’re out walking. On a recent morning three dogs jumped on me and no owners were in sight. Please keep your dogs in your yards or on a leash.

— Heidi, no town

ANSWER: For the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists, and also for your dog, please take note of this public service announcement. As an example, I was cycling down a country road one evening and a dog ran out of nowhere and attacked me, biting me on the leg. I’ll never forget it! Another time, a neighbor’s dog ran into our yard and killed our elderly cat. There’s also the chance of your dog being hit by a vehicle. Please keep an eye on your pet, for everyone’s sake!

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