I thank Gov. Janet Mills and Dr. Nirav Shah for putting the safety and health of Maine’s people as a top priority. The daily transparent report and updates have helped the people to understand.

Gov. Mills has used her lawful emergency powers to deal with an historic pandemic, using science and data to guide a path through uncharted times. When little help with testing was coming from Washington, D.C., IDEXX was contacted and an agreement reached which made Maine’s testing program much better. Dr. Shahs’ CDC team followed up on outbreaks with testing and tracing and contained outbreaks.

With help from across the states and the world, Maine was able to acquire enough PPEs when Washington again failed. The reality that states had to outbid other states to get needed items was preposterous. This is the “United” States.

In the news, radicals, right-wing conservatives and Republicans have protested and yelled about tyrants, Nazis, dictatorships, choice and losing their rights and freedoms. They have called on lawyers and the courts for a fix.

I know that my constitutional rights and freedoms have been protected and preserved. I learned long ago that rights come with responsibilities and are not absolute.

Has anyone seen the detailed plan for dealing with the pandemic from the right-wing conservatives and Republicans? Has anyone seen their detailed step-by-step plan to reopen the state’s economy while keeping Mainers safe?

It is all too easy to throw rocks and grandstand. Doing the real task takes hard work and courage.

Crystal Ward, Lewiston

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