PARIS⁠ — According to county commissioners, the goal is to reopen the Oxford County Courthouse complex to the public by June 1, barring any construction-related complications.

Commission Chairman Timothy Turner of Buckfield and Commissioners Steve Merrill of Norway and David Duguay of Byron met via Zoom videoconference Tuesday morning to discuss allowing the public back into the complex, which houses the registry of deeds, probate court and emergency management services for the county.

According to Turner, the hallway of the county building is under construction. Before the public can safely reenter, the construction must be completed, and plexiglass must be installed to protect employees from infection.

“June 1st is a good, challenging time to look at as a goal. As we do, let’s all remember social distancing guidelines,” said Duguay.
According to Duguay, the Regional Communications Center across from the new courthouse addition will remain closed to the public after the official reopening date, citing social distancing concerns, and the registry of deeds may be open by appointment only.
“There’s no real need for people to be in there as far as the RCC goes,” said Duguay.
Duguay added that if the construction and plexiglass installation were not completed by June 1, the reopening could be pushed back until June 15.

“I’m looking at it from a customer service perspective; we really ought to get back to business as fast as we can, but not put our employees in harm’s way. We can’t sacrifice that … that’s the most important.” Duguay said.

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