LIVERMORE — After many hours of checking out the trails for Brettuns Wheelers ATV Club in Livermore, Paul Litalien, trail master and Rene Grondin, club president, have made the decision that the trails must remain closed, due to the amount of work still to be done.

“I know people are eager to ride, especially with the current crisis we are facing, but there are two bridges in desperate need of repair,” he said.

With Jay and Canton trails open, BWATV is between a rock and a hard place. Winter was hard on the trails and very few people step up to help. With the help of club member David Beckler, the three men spent Saturday, May 16, removing trees that fell across the trails, trimming brush and filling in washouts. In their inspection, they found that there are two bridges needing some TLC as they have broken and rotted boards, making them unsafe to travel over. The trail from Norlands Road to Boothby Road, has some bad washouts, which will require some heavy equipment to repair the portion of the trail that leads to the boardwalk.

“Our membership base is getting older and new members who are willing to help would be much appreciated,” said Grondin, 81. “As a matter of fact, most of the members who do volunteer for trail work are retired. If you can lend a hand some weekend, we would love to hear from you.” Call 207-897-5501 and leave a message.

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