This past fall, I moved to a new home in Hanover. When looking for internet providers, my family was shocked to learn that only a satellite carrier supplied internet services on our road. My family needed a fast and reliable network as I often must finish schoolwork at home and my mom works from home frequently. We invested in a hotspot to supplement our slow connectivity, but even that has not greatly improved our connectivity struggles. Turning in schoolwork has been nearly impossible and any other use of electronics has been slow or impossible. We live less than a mile for a major roadway (Route 2) and have power lines running all the way up to our house.

The internet is a prerequisite for modern living. It is essential for students like me to learn remotely, as well as for remote workers, telehealth and businesses.

In July, Maine voters have the opportunity to vote on a bond issue that will provide high-speed internet service in places that are under-served and unserved by high-speed broadband. The bond issue is for $15 million, which will not solve the problem of poor or no internet service in the state. However, it is a step in the right direction.

I urge everyone to vote “yes” on Question 1 to build a better internet for Maine people.

Dante Maravell, Hanover

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