I am currently a freshman at Edward Little High School. I’m writing during the last week of online schooling this year. My experience with online school, as well as many other students I’m sure, has been one that I would rather not repeat.

During my typical day, I usually manage to get out of bed by 9 a.m., start my schoolwork around 9:30 a.m., and feel pretty accomplished by 11 a.m. I normally spend my afternoon walking for hours on opposite sides of the street with my neighborhood friend. Most of the time, the two of us discuss the work we did that morning because it is always so challenging.

Although I do understand that there is not much else people can do at this time, I think that the way remote learning and grading are executed is not the most effective way. The improvised grading system is confusing and lacks a uniform platform, making it difficult for students to know whether we are going to pass or fail a class. Online classwork can be difficult to navigate and to decipher directions. I imagine that online schooling would be even more difficult for the younger elementary students.

I know people are enduring much worse tragedies right now than unorganized online schooling, so although it is rather unpleasant and less than ideal, it is necessary on the road to recovery.

However, I hope for more student input in the future.

Mya Vincent, Auburn

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