CHESTERVILLE — The 3.5 hour Chesterville Town Meeting Monday night, June 1, began with 44 registered voters in attendance. Some Selectpersons did not attend the meeting – which was livestreamed on the Town of Chesterville Facebook page – while other Selectpersons left before the meeting ended.

Guy Iverson, newly elected to the board, and outgoing Selectperson Allan Mackey were not in attendance. The meeting was held at the fire station to enable social distancing requirements.

Some residents expressed concerns prior to the meeting regarding liability issues and what might happen if more than 50 people attended.

Resident Linda Browne was in favor of postponing it.

“They need a lot of things straightened out. The place wasn’t properly chosen to allow everyone to attend. If you pay taxes, you should be allowed to vote,” she said.

“I don’t know what the hell is going to happen tonight. Every town is in the same boat we are,” resident Carroll Corbin said.


Moderator Edward Hastings IV said he would entertain a motion to recess the meeting, after he ruled a motion made by Selectperson Tiffany Estabrook to adjourn the meeting was out of order.

Residents in favor of postponing noted the budget was obsolete with a different financial situation than when it was proposed and due to the small number of people in attendance.

Others disagreed, saying the world is run by those who show up.

Selectperson John Archer noted there were 48 people at last year’s Town Meeting.

There were 14 votes to recess the meeting and 19 opposed.

Selectperson Tiffany Estabrook left shortly after the vote. Newly elected Selectperson Scott Gray left before all articles were voted on.


On Friday, May 29, four unopposed candidates were elected to serve on the Board of Selectpersons. Iverson received 58 votes for the three-year term Hastings had held. Hastings did not seek reelection.

Archer received 91 votes to complete the two years remaining on the three-year term that had been held by Matt Welch. Welch resigned Nov. 21, 2019, effective after the annual Town Meeting.

Linda Bauer received 84 for the year remaining on Mackey’s three-year term. Mackey resigned Dec. 5, 2019, effective after the annual Town Meeting.

Scott Gray received 72 votes for the one-year term Archer had held.

Bauer and Archer were sworn into office before the Town Meeting adjourned. Gray and Iverson will need to be sworn in at a later date.

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