LIVERMORE — Selectpersons, Tuesday night, May 26, approved dates for municipal elections and the annual Town Meeting.

Before the decisions, Town Clerk Renda Guild told the selectpersons dates needed to be pinned down for the election and town meeting.

“We’ve got to get our ballots ready,” she said.

Selectboard and school board seats will be determined July 14, the date set for Maine’s primary elections and the Regional School Unit 73 district referendum vote.

The July 14 vote is scheduled to be held at Spruce Mountain Primary School on the Gibbs Mill Road.

“This is going to be a whole new ballgame this year. All election workers have to be in personal protection equipment,” Guild said.

“That includes a mask, gown, gloves and a face shield for 12 hours,” Administrative Assistant Amy Byron said.

“I couldn’t see some of our ladies being in that for 12 hours in the school gym. That’s too hard,” Guild said.

“We’ve contacted a few of them. Some have said they’re not interested,” Byron said.

Later the board approved holding a referendum-style town meeting on Aug. 11.

The town clerk said some towns are considering holding outdoor meetings, with a rain date if needed.

Selectpeprson Benjamin Guild said some people might balk at an outdoor meeting, that he had heard of some outdoor activities where people had gotten in trouble.

Byron said the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines will still have a limit in place on gatherings of 50 or more people in July and August.

“We would need to submit, order the warrant 60 days ahead of time. We’re looking at the beginning of August,” she said.

If the town waited to hold a traditional town meeting he didn’t know when that might be, Selectperson Wayne Timberlake said.

Holding the town meeting later would push the date back for tax commitment, for tax bills to go out, Byron said.

Selectperson Guild said with some numbers (COVID-19) going up again, it could be November before a meeting was possible.

“I think referendum is the way it’s going to have to be this year,” he said.

If the town meeting election was held later, the town wouldn’t need to rent a second machine, saving $1,500, Byron said.

“I would post one warrant for the elections, then closer to the date of the town meeting post a second warrant with the questions,” she said.

The town meeting warrant questions would need to be submitted 60 days in advance of the referendum for wording and approval. Seven days are needed to post it and a couple days extra to prepare the machine, Byron said.

While town meeting has traditionally been held on a Wednesday, a Tuesday date was approved by the board to save on overtime costs. The town office may have to be closed that day.

“Most of our election workers are older, some have said they don’t want to work that day,” Byron said.

In other business Selectpersons authorized the placement of a library box in the flower garden, in front of the flag pole, at the town office/fire station complex. Adult and children’s books will be available to borrow. The site will be marked Dig Safe before the hole is dug.


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