I write in response to a letter (May 27) from a Hydro-Quebec spokesman about the corridor project with Central Maine Power.

It’s nice of them to finally show up at the table after refusing to engage up until this point. I was starting to think they were avoiding Mainers on purpose so they wouldn’t be forced to answer any tough questions that could put this lucrative venture in jeopardy.

Now that we have their attention, I’m wondering if they would like to address a concern highlighted by the Massachusetts attorney general that, since this power already exists and is already being sold to Massachusetts along existing lines, this isn’t new “clean” energy, and therefore would have no impact on climate change.

I’m also wondering why they have refused to appear to answer questions during the permitting process. Similarly, why have they refused to appear before the Maine Legislature to answer questions about bills like LD 640, which would have required a comprehensive energy study so Mainers could be sure that undeveloped forest is being fragmented for a reason, aside from corporate profit ($41 million/month for HQ and $5 million/month for CMP).

Or maybe they could address the fact that HQ, a company solely owned by the Canadian government, is using a loophole in Maine’s campaign finance laws to funnel millions into a campaign to influence Maine voters.

Finally, very important, I would like HQ to say whether they think the people of Maine should have the right to vote on their for-profit project.

Theresa York, Farmington

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