LIVERMORE — Area Youth Sports representatives Charlene Nelson and Angela Newcomb were given permission by Selectpersons Monday night to use the town’s ballfield for baseball and softball drills and skills programs.

Perley Field is located off Route 4 near the Dollar General store.

Nelson said AYS officials went through the state’s guidelines for summer youth sports programming once they were released on May 20.

“While there’s low risk being outside as the state of Maine said, there’s still the need for a waiver. We came up with one that resolves anyone from having any repercussions if someone gets an injury, gets sick.”

AYS was able to complete baseball, softball and T-ball registrations before schools closed in March with 177 signing up, Nelson said.

“On May 20 the parents were emailed information about holding a modified skills and drills program for baseball and softball and offering a refund or credit,” she said. “We wanted to get kids outside, for them to have a sense of normalcy.

“Only eight people asked for a refund or credit. Four of those are because the program will be starting later, extending into mid-July and those families are going camping.”

New guidelines have been developed to make things safer, such as having each player use their own gear, hand sanitizer for each player, wiping down walls, spreading out and not using the dugouts if social distancing can’t be maintained, Nelson said, adding that players won’t need to wear masks but spectators will when social distancing isn’t possible.

Tee-ball is being considered but because those children are younger and would have more difficulty following the new rules will start at a different time. Protocols for that age group may need to be adjusted. Ages for the other programs range from 7 to 12, Nelson said.

Administrative Assistant Amy Byron suggested the Town of Livermore be added to the liability waiver and Selectpersons agreed.

A portable toilet will be set up at the field, Byron said.

In other business, Selectpersons approved ordering 1,000 ballots for the town meeting referendum vote on Aug. 11.

Monday, June 8, Selectperson Chairman Mark Chretien at left and Selectperson Scott Richmond are seen during a discussion on when to hold a public hearing on the town meeting referendum vote that will be held in August. Pam Harnden/Livermore Falls Advertiser

Town Clerk Renda Guild said it would cost $370 to program the ballot questions plus $0.25 per black and white ballot.

“We may have to overshoot on the ballots so we don’t run out,” she said. “People can come at anytime during the day to vote and if absentee ballots are available, we need to shoot for a higher number. We don’t want to run out.”

When asked, Guild said the town has 1,486 registered voters with 1,000 to 1,100 voting in a primary or presidential election.

“The referendum vote will make it that much easier for voters,” she said. “People had games or something else going on so they couldn’t make town meeting.”

The state sends us 1,200 ballots, Guild said.

Selectperson Wayne Timberlake said 1,000 would be a safe number.

Byron said a public hearing prior to the referendum town meeting vote would need to be held.

“It can be in a similar format to this (board meetings) with the 50 person limit, or we can hold it electronically through Zoom, Facebook Live or something like that,” she said. “The meeting has to be held a minimum of 15 days prior to the vote. July 27 is the cut off for the August 11 meeting vote.”

Selectperson Scott Richmond questioned holding the meeting on the same night as a Board of Selectpersons meeting.

It could take awhile, Byron agreed.

A tentative date of 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 8, was set with other details to be determined.

Prior to the meeting, Byron said the new library box had been installed over the weekend. Books for children and adults are available for swapping with books already read.

This library box has been set up at the Livermore Town Office/Fire Station Complex. Books for all ages are available. a book can be exchanged with one already read. Pam Harnden/Livermore Falls Advertiser

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