Terence McManus asked, in his letter to the editor, (Sun Journal, June 7) to add context to the protests around the killing of George Floyd. The problem is that he really doesn’t understand context. So, as a SOP to his reasonableness, he states in his opening sentence that it was an “… inexcusable killing …” but then seems incapable of recognizing, as every thinking and feeling person should, the absolute horror and injustice of this man’s death.

The penalty for passing a counterfeit bill, knowingly or unknowingly, should not be death at the hands of four police officers, one of whom uses his knee for nearly nine minutes to deny a man breath.

I would like him to name for us a white child, holding a toy pistol in a public park, who was shot by police. Can he name an EMT, shot in their home during a mistaken no-knock raid who wasn’t a person of color? A white jogger followed and killed by vigilantes, perhaps?

The sad truth is that he can’t.

That’s context.

Scott Roberts, Livermore Falls

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