Let me start by saying that the death of George Floyd was disturbing, unnecessary and very saddening. However, that being said, I cannot understand the glorifying of that man with murals, public funerals,  speeches, much media coverage, etc. Those gestures just made a criminal an instant hero and all policemen the bad guys for the actions of one.

He was being arrested for allegedly passing counterfeit money, but he has a more than decade-old criminal record and has been in jail at least five times.  All I did was google his name and found all that information.

So, what is the message the masses are sending? Would it possibly be that it’s OK to resist arrest, make all police out to be the bad people, or blame everything on racism?

I realize that the world has changed in my many decades of life but the reaction to the situation is ridiculous.

People need to stop blaming racism for everything and put blame on the individuals who refuse to comply with the laws of this great country.

Statisa.com reports that (so far this year) 172 white people and 88 black people have died due to police action. Where is the racism? Where are the riots and protests for all the white people who have died?

Jacqueline Smith, Lewiston

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