I am concerned about how Gov. Janet Mills handled President Trump’s visit.

On June 1, Mills falsely claimed she encouraged Trump to check his rhetoric and expressed concern his visit would cause division during a conference call. She also claimed she was refused answers to questions asked.  She may not have liked the answers, but her authority was respected.

I am concerned about her “not showing up.” As her constituents peacefully protested to re-open Maine, she has been conspicuously absent. She stated she was visiting family during the first protest, while denying her citizens of that ability.

She should have welcomed the president. Not all elected officials are leaders. She has not been leading, but trying to “rule” Maine. She has been doing so without much input from other elected officials.

Mills had an opportunity to advocate for Mainers. In March, she wrote a letter to the president asking for assistance for Maine’s fishing industry. He discussed that. In her statement following his visit, she alleged those in the fishing industry were hurt by Trump administration’s policies. Some policies pre-date his administration.

Trump showed up. Mills did not. She could have discussed the challenges we have faced. Mills’ irresponsible fiscal spending depleted funds that would have helped during this pandemic. Democratic Senate President Jackson has said reconvening the Legislature would jeopardize federal funding. Maine businesses are closing every day. Families are devastated.

Gov. Mills did not serve her constituents. She needs to check her own rhetoric.

Michelle Tucker, Lewiston

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