I am writing in support of Ken Morse, candidate for Maine House District 71.

Morse has always been on the front line of innovation. One day in 1983, he visited me carrying a strange silver suitcase. He snapped it open and announced that it was a Kaypro personal computer. I had never seen anything like it: so small, portable and user-friendly — owned by someone who had built his own dome house from apple crates.

This is the balanced combination needed in Augusta — the sensibility of an apple farmer (which he was), the networking skills of a community organizer (Fedco, Healthy Oxford Hills, Maine Food Councils), the fortitude of a small business owner (Grassroots Graphics for 18 years), and the insight of a technical wizard.

Ken Morse is not only rooted in community, but also combines a vision for progressive change that Maine needs with the loyalty to local communities that we all deserve.

Lisa Moore, Harrison

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