If anyone thinks Sen. Collins is going to have their backs now, they are wrong. I couldn’t believe it when I heard how much money she sold the public out for. Congress has taken away everything — jobs, now unemployment checks, and now possibly a second stimulus check.
Compare two stimulus checks to one paycheck for U.S. senators. Most people would still have to work for three weeks to make one of their checks. They don’t care how the people are going to pay rent or mortgages or even feed our families.
They don’t care, they have money. Going without is not in their vocabulary, only in ours.
People need to feel worthy again and the men need to feel like men again — able and willing to provide for their families. We can’t depend on Congress anymore.
Those politicians — who we voted for in order for them to have that position — they made promises. Now that we need them the most, they turn a blind eye.
How nice.
I hope they can all sleep at night with a clear conscience while most people struggle to survive.
Phyllis Caron, Lewiston

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