Some of the performers from previous years. Submitted photo

A demonstration of Free Style. Submitted photo

FARMINGTON — Boston City Lights Performing Arts School is a free performing arts school, located at 1154 Washington Street in Boston. The school educates children in dance, singing, acting, sound production, set design, and community participation and organization. Classes are offered seven days a week. For area performing artists, City Lights North will be located at 231 Broadway Farmington, Maine. For more information after June 27, call 207-778-9114. The session is FREE, but be ready to take direction and work hard! Registration is June 29-30 from 9-5 p.m.

Performances will be held July 1-13, 8 a.m.-4 p.m., with a final performance on July 13. Call 617-695-2856 until June 26; after that call 207-778-9114 from June 27 on.

Teachers:will be Ginette and Janaeya: Krump and Hip Hop; Hershey Bliss: Dancehall; Braun: Hip Hop; Yolanda: House, Hip Hop, and “Waacking;” Ron Passarella: Painting, Artwork; Jason Mancine and Rhys Simpson: Music; Duggan: Fencing, Theatre, Vocals

The school is following the Boston Public Schools policy for closure during the pandemic. Currently we plan to start up again June 20. We hope we will still be able to offer our summer programs! Any questions, write to the school at [email protected]

The only cost is hard work. In the disciplined training, students build character. In the process of learning to teach other children, they learn responsibility and develop a nurturing attitude. Through community performances and workshops, they learn a sense of social responsibility—for their communities, for their ability to effect change through art and through one-on-one involvement. Through professional performance and touring opportunities, they learn to overcome individual differences, to share and cooperate, to earn respect through hard work, and to never give up on themselves.

Boston City Lights is staffed by three full-time volunteers: Duggan Hill, Braun Duggan, and Tiane Donahue. Additionally, we rely on the assistance of student-teacher volunteers and other local professionals, who freely share their time in support of our organization.

Duggan Hill is the founding Executive Director. He has dedicated his life to serving inner-city youth. More than 30 years ago, he envisioned opening school for Boston’s underprivileged youth, an education and performance center that would provide children a supportive channel for their creativity. In 1979, Boston City Lights became a reality and has since served thousands of the city’s children.

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