100 Years Ago: 1920

Investigations following numerous complaints have prompted Chief Mower of the Auburn Police Department to issue strict orders to his men regarding the allowing of loafers to hang around the street corners and doorways in several locations of the city and particularly the section between Main street and the North Bridge. Numerous complaints have been received from women and girls, that they were unable to pass thru places without hearing all manner of insulting remarks. In some cases very emphatic complaints have been made by men, on behalf of their wives and daughters.

50 Years Ago: 1970

Staff members for the Tot Lot Day Camp program to be presented this summer at the former fish hatchery site on the Turner Road were announced today by Auburn Parks and Recreation Department Superintendent Norris Ingersol. The director of the program will be Raeline Gowell. Assistants include Krista Cooper, Pat Poto, Claudia Waterman, Gwendolyn Johnson, Christine Simones and Sue Patry.

25 Years Ago: 1995

The Maine Iris Society will hold its 86th Annual Maine Iris Show from 3 to 6 p.m. Saturday at the Auburn Middle School at 610 Court St. The show will feature a display of tall bearded and Siberian irises. A special “People’s Choice” class will give the public an opportunity to vote for their favorite iris. Anyone may enter a named iris in this class. Paul Dostie of Greene is show chairman.

The material used in Looking Back is reproduced exactly as it originally appeared, although misspellings and errors may be corrected.

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