To the Editor:

I’m writing to ask that you consider voting for Jen Blastow, a local mom, health care worker, climate activist and good neighbor. Jen is running for election to the Maine House of Representatives to represent District 72 and is on the ballot in the Democratic primary on July 14, 2020.

I met Jen at the Oxford County Fair several years ago while chaperoning our daughters on a field trip from Otisfield Community School. She was smart, funny and clearly committed to the school and its families. Later I learned how passionate she is about finding solutions to address both the climate and health care crises we are facing. And what’s most important to me is that she understands how social injustice exacerbates these problems, undermining human rights and freedoms.

Jen is also a marathon runner. She knows that sometimes we have to dig deep and face difficult work in order to achieve our goals, whether the finish line of a race, healthcare for all, or a safe and healthy environment. This is a long game, and she knows how to pace herself to finish the marathon.

As a Mainer, Jen understands the importance of respect, hard work, and neighborly concern. We can be respectful of each other regardless of beliefs; we know how to work hard; and we understand the importance of caring for each other and our land, whether in the midst of an ice storm or a viral pandemic.

Please vote for Jen Blastow on July 24. She’ll provide a voice for our families, our community, our planet.

Kathryn Gardner

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