I write in response to Jacqueline Smith’s letter (June 13). Smith wrote that we must “stop blaming racism” and “put blame on individuals” who “break the laws.” She cited statistics to show that twice as many white people (172) as black people (88) have been killed by police so far this year, and wrote that, after all, George Floyd “was allegedly passing counterfeit money.”

Far from refuting the fact of racism in America, her statistics prove it. Half as many black people killed as whites, yet blacks make up, at last count, 12.7% of our population.

George Floyd may have been intending to commit a crime, but according to the laws of our country, he was innocent until proven guilty. He never got his day in court. And if he had a rap sheet, look at the statistics on how many black people are stopped for minor traffic violations or just walking down the street and end up with long jail terms. Add that to the statistics on lack of health care for children and adults, the disparity in funding for schools, the substandard housing, the lack of access to proper grocery stores in black neighborhoods, the racism in the job market which limits advancement for blacks . . .

I have three nephews who are black. They are fine young men. I hate to think of them being frightened every single day to go for a walk, or drive a car.

It’s their country, too.

Judith Green, North Waterford

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