DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have 30-plus oak seedlings that have sprouted this spring in my yard. There’s no room on the property to transplant them and I would hate just to cut them down. Anyone who wants some, or even all, of the seedlings can have them for free. Please call 576-6508. — Chris, no town

ANSWER: My grandfather used to say, “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.” He and my grandmother had a huge oak tree near their farmhouse with a wonderful swing that all 26 of us grandchildren thoroughly enjoyed over the years. That mighty oak still stands to this day. May all your little seedlings find good homes and be a blessing to many.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I had the wrong date for our Annual Special Olympics Yard Sale (June 17 Sun Spots). The event will be held on Saturday, July 18, not July 17, as I stated. — Janice, Jay

DEAR SUN SPOTS: (1) When I bought my house in 1973 I had all the hardwood floors refinished to look even better than new. They need refinishing again. Who should I call?

(2) I have a Norelco shaver worth fixing. Where can I send it for repair?

(3) Lastly, I have no computer; therefore I miss the Monday edition of the Sun Journal. Do I also miss out on any dearly departed deaths? — Mike, Auburn

ANSWER: B&D Floor Sanding ( does a great job. They have an email form on their web site or you can call them at 553-0320.

Readers, if you have other contractors you can personally recommend there is always room in the Rolodex.

For your question about the Norelco shaver, it would be great if you can ask for the assistance of a friend with a computer who can get on to the Norelco web site. You can fill out an email form with your question, order a part if needed, and watch a video about how to fix your shaver yourself. There are some brief, simple YouTube videos that instruct customers on how to take the shaver apart, replace the any parts, and put it all back together again. That’s the least expensive way to go.

There is also a company called Mercury Shaver Centre that repairs various brands of shavers at a flat rate. The web site is Depending on the type of shaver you have, you’re looking at $35-$50 for the labor and parts plus the cost of a shaver head, cutter, or screen if needed. Shipping is $9.95. This company has a 48-hour turn-around time. You mail in your shaver with a form that you print from the web site. The toll-free number is 1-877-974-2837. Since you don’t have a computer, perhaps you could try contacting them and do business over the phone.

After writing all this out for you, I’m hoping that a kind reader who knows how to repair gizmos such as your shaver will reach out and offer to help! Wouldn’t that be great?

And yes, you are missing the obituaries on Mondays. Again, I’m wondering if a friend can print these pages out for you or at the very least, make a little list for you.

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