Mail-in absentee ballots for the July 14 Democratic primary are available now. Sara Gideon is neck and neck in the polls with Susan Collins. Gideon is our best chance to replace Collins.

I stood in front of Collins’ office asking her to support making insurance companies not discriminate against people who have pre-existing health conditions.

Collins keeps voting for unqualified presidential appointees.

As speaker of the Maine House, Gideon has an excellent record of bringing both Democrats and Republicans together to pass fair legislation

She stepped up to ensure insurance companies do not discriminate against Mainers with pre-existing conditions. She passed legislation to help control the cost of prescription drugs. She could not wait or depend on Collins to do these things.

At a town hall meeting, Gideon told about her final decision-making process, including the impact on the next generations.

I hope others will join me in voting for Sara Gideon.

Diane Grandmaison, Lewiston

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