In light of COVID-19’s already major impact on citizens’ incomes, towns’ local revenues and state funding revenues to municipalities, we insist that the school board take another serious look at its pre-pandemic proposed budget and reduce it to keep the budget at the 2019-2020 level, except for contract considerations. For the next couple of years at least, town budgets are likely going to see additional negative impacts that municipalities can’t reasonably project at this time.

If the budgets are not held in check, municipalities could find themselves at the point they will not have funds to support education at those higher levels.

The select boards of Hartford and Sumner strongly support the above statement. We will be sharing our concerns with our citizens and encourage them to participate in the process of the budget. We are asking them to vote against the budget that does not reflect the impact of the COVID-19 on our towns’ economies.

Mary Ann Haxton, Sumner Select Board

Lee Holman, Hartford Select Board

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