DEAR SUN SPOTS: I want to locate the gentleman who taught feng shui at the Auburn high school a number of years ago. I am also interested in finding others who have experience with these skills.

— Jeanne, Auburn

ANSWER: Here is another quest for Sun Spots readers to assist with. Does anyone remember the instructor Jeanne is referring to? Feng shui translates as wind-water and involves balancing nature and energy in your environment. You can contact Jini Rayne at, [email protected], or call 330-285-1527.

Another resource is the Western School of Feng Shui at You can reach them by calling 760-828-0128 or emailing [email protected].

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I need help from other readers!  I have a decorative ceramic tile that is broken into several pieces. Besides using Super Glue, are there any other suggestions for reassembling the tile? Thank you for any suggestions. I love reading this column!

— Maureen, Auburn

ANSWER: There are different epoxy resin glues that are used specifically for ceramic tile, such as Araldite Adhesive Epoxy. Gorilla Glue also comes to mind. There is a product called MagicEzy that has both an epoxy and different colors of paint for touch-up, too. Don’t be afraid to contact your local hardware store and see what they have in stock and can recommend. I have very good luck with talking to employees of Aubuchon, Ace, or True Value Hardware stores.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: A while ago you had information about someone who refinishes bathtubs. I hope you can run it again. I’ve misplaced the information. Thank you for all you do for us. Please don’t ever leave us!

— No name, Turner

ANSWER: I’ll probably be answering your questions until I drop, or win an all-expense-paid trip to Tahiti, whatever comes first! I’m one of those lucky people who enjoys my work.

As far as tub refinishers go, in the famous Rolodex I have Steve Corro of Corro’s Fiberglassing & Refinishing of Auburn. He has been repairing and refinishing fiberglass bathtubs for about 40 years. He restores bathtubs by repairing cracks, dings, chips, bottoms, etc. and gives it all a good shiny finish. He can refinish a dull bathtub or change the color to a bright white for a reasonable price. His contact information is 783-5944, [email protected]. He also has a website at He comes highly recommended, but readers, let me know if you someone else you would like to add to my magical Rolodex!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Regarding the call for seamstresses who make cloth face masks, I make them for adults for $5 each and for children for $4 each. They are made with elastic behind the ears and a nose wire. Please contact me at 946-5775.

—Gemma, Greene

ANSWER: Kudos to all of you who are burning the midnight oil at your sewing machines. This is important, ongoing work and sadly, I believe there will be a continuing need. Please remember that wearing a face mask in public when you cannot properly social-distance means “I care about others.” I join all the voices that ask that you listen to science and follow the guidelines.

This column is for you, our readers. It is for your questions and comments. There are only two rules: You must write to the column and sign your name. We won’t use it if you ask us not to. Please include your phone number. Letters will not be returned or answered by mail, and telephone calls will not be accepted. Your letters will appear as quickly as space allows. Address them to Sun Spots, P.O. Box 4400, Lewiston, ME 04243-4400. Inquiries can also be emailed to [email protected].



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