As a physician, age vulnerable to the coronavirus and responsible to nursing home patients, I am deeply saddened and appalled by the willingness of all too many of my fellow Mainers to wander about in stores and other places where distancing is impossible without a mask. To exert their right to individual liberty, they seem not to care for others and their safety and are willing to expose us to a debilitating or potentially fatal disease, not caring for our individual liberties.

Living in a society means we must make choices. We may grumble about taxes, driving licenses and insurance but we accept them.

Are we, like some of our leaders, so insecure about our virility and autonomy that putting on a mask would be a threat?

The mark of an adult is knowing when to make decisions for the good of a community and not for one’s selfish, erroneous beliefs.

It has been proven, many times, that masks and social distancing work. Lewiston has one of the highest COVID-19 rates in Maine. Let’s put a stop to this.

Stephen Sokol, Lewiston

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