DIXFIELD — T.W. Kelly Dirigo Middle School is participating in the President’s Education Awards Program for academic recognition. Due to the unexpected emergency remote learning, the criteria has changed to the following:

To receive Academic Achievement, a student has completed and passed all assigned remote courses by the original deadline and upheld academic integrity throughout the trimester; to receive Academic Excellence, a student has met the criteria for Academic Achievement and was nominated by multiple staff members for exceptional work quality during remote learning.

Academic Excellence

Grade eight: Hayden Beckler, Ella Hines, Elijah Lindus, Isaiah Lovelace, Alice Morris, Noah Prescott, Carson Redmond, Jocelynn Ridley, Megan Spaulding, Logan Timberlake and Connor Weston.

Grade seven: Ryan Abbott, Grace Averill, Kayla Dubois, Alyssa Ellis, Madeline Huggins, Lyndsay Labrecque, Amaya Libby, Sarah Macomber, Aiyana Medeiros, Layla Merrill, Skylar O’Connor, David Searles, Daisy Sweatt, Phillip Therriault, Nathaniel Wainwright, Dakota White, Ryan Wing, Andrew Wisecup, Emily Woods and Avery Young.

Grade six: Brayden Adams, Sophia Archer, Camden Averill-Curtis, Noah Burnham, Molly Cormier, Ella Cote, Jedidiah Fields, Shayne Henry, Trent Ladd, Amelia Maillet, Whyatt Perham, Emily Putnam, Caiden Skidgell, Owen Smith, Braylee Tracy, Emma VanTuinen, Lana Waite, Henry Waleik, Colin Waugh and Zachariah Webster.

Academic Achievement

Grade eight: Samuel Benson, Isaiah Campbell, Libbie Errington, Connor Halacy, John Lane, Lucas Libby, Shawn Noyes, Hailee Robbins, Matthew Smith, Sayge Smith, Lucas VanTuinen, Damien Virgin, Jack Waleik, Adam Woods and Travis Wright.

Grade seven: Karl Blodgett, Cooper Brown, Ava Burnett, Brian Carrol, Diana Cayer, Gage Lee, Merle Lufkin, Amber Pingree, Jacob Snowman, Jasmine Tripp and Lauretta Woodhead.

Grade six: Nyla Abbott, Rylee Bedard, Boyd Benson, Shealee Campbell, Djay Child, Braden Cottle, Carter Fuller, Mitchell Giberson, Brooke Hussey, Hunter Hutchinson, Pheonix Lee, Jaxon Libby, Brady Philbrick, Sophia Poulin, Jack Sweatt and Nikole Turnbull.

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