Anyone watching the news or reading about COVID-19 has probably noticed that many Trump followers are quite aggressive about not wearing masks. Their attitude seems to be,” I know my rights and you can’t make me do anything,” even though medical sources say that the best way to fight this disease is for everyone to wear a mask in public.

President Trump and his followers seem to think that not wearing a mask makes them look “tough,” but really, people not wearing masks when appropriate just look ignorant. Refusing to wear a mask shows a complete lack of caring about other people and the inability to understand basic science.

Trump followers seem to believe anything he says, even his bizarre ideas that bleach or sunlight might be a cure for COVID-19 and the idea that that this nation is getting the virus under control. (It is not — it’s getting much worse in some states and attacking people in their 20s and 30s.)

Unfortunately, the president does a lot of “magical thinking” and frequently pretends that important facts are “fake news.” The truth is that COVID-19 has now killed more Americans than the Vietnam War, Gulf War, Afghanistan War and Iraq War combined.

Smart people wear masks in public, keep their 6-foot distance from others and pay attention to doctors and pandemic experts — the people who actually understand what is going on.

Ellen Field, New Gloucester

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