DEAR SUN SPOTS: On June 4, I went to the Auburn Post Office on Rodman Road at 11:30 a.m. then directly to Dollar General on Minot Avenue.  When I got home I realized my necklace was missing. It’s very sentimental since it was a gift to me in the ’60s. The necklace is a round faux gold peace sign, the size of a quarter. I’m hoping someone in Sun Spots Nation has found it and will return it to me. I did go back to the post office and Dollar General and left my contact information. I can be reached at 576-7975.

— Carol, no town

ANSWER: Please let us know when your necklace is returned to you!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Would anyone know of someone who works on gas-powered pedal bikes? I have put gas in mine and it just won’t start. Please call 375-8988.

— Lisa, no town

ANSWER: You may have flooded the motor or the float needle in the carburetor is stuck, preventing the fuel flow. One of your jets might also be loose or has fallen off completely. At least that’s what I read online! I would start with Rainbow Bikes at 197 Lisbon St. in Lewiston and see if they can help or know of anyone. Their contact information is 784-7576 or [email protected]

Gorham Bike and Ski may also be able to help. Contact them at 725-1100, [email protected]; or 773- 1700, [email protected].  The website is

Meanwhile, readers, please chime in if you know of anyone who can help.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: What are people doing with encyclopedias that are in perfect condition? Does anyone have a use for them?

— Barbara, no town

ANSWER: One group that comes to mind is new Mainers. I’m wondering if they could be used as teaching tools for people of all ages to learn the English language and culture. You may want to check in with a nonprofit that assists these folks, such as the Immigrant Resource Center of Maine ( at 753-0061 or [email protected]. Another organization is Maine Immigrant & Refugee Services ( Their contact information is 782-0260 or [email protected]. Both organizations are in Lewiston.

Another idea is to gift them to an artist. I have seen beautiful projects made from the illustrations and texts of every kind of book. Encyclopedias contain high-quality, colorful pages that can be repurposed. All that is needed are a few tools and imagination.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Regarding the June 16 Sun Spots about gardening tips, crushed egg shells are great for repelling slugs in garden beds. I used them last year for the first time. Rinse the shells out, put them in a container that allows air to enter and crush them with a potato masher then spread them around your plants. The calcium is great for the soil. Last season, I didn’t see a slug in my garden or find any evidence of them. This works well and costs nothing.

— Cal, Litchfield.

ANSWER: I have just started using egg shells in my garden and am looking forward to positive results. I love these home-grown gardening tips! Keep them coming!

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