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Two graduating students at Rangeley Lakes Regional School have been awarded the prestigious Seasonal Friends of Rangeley Scholarship, and a pupil who has overcome a number of challenges received the Legacy Scholarship for 2020.

Lauren Eastlack and Lauren Farmer were selected by the school’s Scholarship Committee to share honors as recipients of an SFOR scholarship, and Camdan Carmichael earned the Legacy Scholarship.  The honors were announced during the graduation ceremony on June 13.

The two Laurens each will receive a multi-year stipend totaling $3,500, and Camdan will get $1,000, an amount double the value of previous Legacy grants.

All three students were recognized for their strong academic records, activity in various school programs and participation in community service, which is a major criterion used in selecting recipients of these scholarships.

Lauren “Lu” Farmer’s high school educational pursuits extended beyond Rangeley, including taking courses at the Maine College of Art, University of Maine and other institutions.  While her extracurricular interests were focused on the arts, she received awards for pursuits ranging from art and photography to algebra and biology.  Lu’s community service portfolio was equally as diverse, including announcing at various town, school and other events and serving as a volunteer at Rangeley activities.

Lauren Eastlack’s many accomplishments also spanned a wide variety, from academics (National Honor Society) to leadership (including class and Student Council president and vice president), as well as playing, and winning awards in, soccer, basketball and softball.   Among beneficiaries of her community service activities have been seniors, the Rangeley Library and special needs students.

Lauren says she hopes to work hard “to reach my potential as a person academically and find ways to support [the] community I live and work in.”

Camdan Carmichael’s story is one of facing, and overcoming, obstacles.  These included being designated as legally blind as a young child (his eyesight has improved and he no longer needs glasses) and being diagnosed with autism at age five.

In Camdan’s words: “I worked very hard and my mom pushed me to always try hard and not live life hindered by my disability.”  His record demonstrates the extent to which he has achieved that goal.

Camdan set the goal of being mainstreamed by the ninth grade, and he was.  Since then, his academic honors have included Student of the Month, National Technical Honors Society, Most Improved Student and Citizen Award.  He also found time to be a Special Olympics coach and take part in such volunteer chores as stacking wood and shoveling snow for community residents who required such assistance.

The Focus of Camdan’s activities have been related to firefighting, given his lifetime dream of becoming a full-time firefighter/paramedic and instructor at the Maine Fire Service Institute.  His experience includes three years as a Junior Firefighter, and Junior Captain, with Rangeley Fire/Rescue and part-time firefighter at age 18.  Among his training have been 350 hours as a firefighter at Foster Technical Education Center, and courses in ice rescue and handling hazardous materials.  Camdan says he has followed his conviction that “all goals are attainable if you believe and try hard enough.”

The Seasonal Friends of Rangeley Scholarship, now in its 24rd year, is funded by visitors to, and seasonal residents of, the Rangeley Lakes region, as a way to thank those who live there for sharing its many attributes. The Legacy Scholarship is supported by permanent residents of the area.  Contributions to it may be made in honor or memory of a person, living or deceased.

The Directors of the scholarship program are Rebekah Carmichael, Rangeley Town Treasurer; Heidi Deery, Student Services Director at the Rangeley Lakes Regional School; Leeanna J. Wilbur, Vice President and Branch Manager, Franklin Savings Bank, and one anonymous seasonal resident.

Contributions to the Seasonal Friends of Rangeley Scholarship and the Legacy Scholarship, which are tax deductible, may be sent to P.O. Box 321. Rangeley, ME 04970.  Donors receive a receipt for tax purposes and the thanks of the deserving students who benefit from this very worthwhile program.


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