100 Years Ago: 1920

Maine people who attend the Centennial celebration in Portland on Monday July 6 and witness the big parade that is to be held are going to be extremely proud of the 3rd.Maine Infantry. For over ten days, now they have been at Camp Devens and they have acquired the deep-tanned complexion that goes with out-of-door work. They are “fit” and when they march thru the streets of Portland, they will have the stride and the carriage of soldiers, just what the men at the head of the regiment and the U. &. Inspectors-Instructors have been aiming for. To see the 3d Maine on parade is going to be a treat and it will be one of the features of the last of the celebrations.

50 Years Ago: 1970

In an effort to reduce costs during a period of customarily lessened patient activity, the Central Maine General Hospital will close the East Wing floor during July and August, said Dana Thompson, executive director. Last summer, we adopted: what we believe to be an innovative approach in reducing the costs of operating the hospital during a time when the need for action taken is feasible. The hospital official explained: “There is customary less occupancy of hospital beds during this period due to a number of factors related to the summer vacation season contributing to a drop in the number of electives, admissions for surgical and  procedures, “The closing down of a floor assists greatly in the orderly planning of vacations for personnel while minimizing the problems of adequate coverage,” he said.  ‘The patient floor is scheduled to be placed back in service, on Monday, Sept 7.

25 Years Ago: 1995

Sherman Hill, Edward Little High School’s director of guidance, was the guest of honor at a retirement party held at the Ramada Inn recently. More than 120 colleagues, retirees and family members attended the evening’s festivities. Guests included all the principals Hill has worked with during his 14 years as director of guidance at ELHS — Alfred Savignano, Paul Malinski, Lawrence LaBrie and current principal James Miller III. Master of ceremonies for the evening was Jean Gastonguay, foreign language department chair. Gastonguay welcomed everyone to the festivities, Herman Lord, math department teacher and computer specialist, gave a toast to Hill. Following dinner the entire guidance staff presented a program in which they humorously recounted Hill’s life and the many hats he has worn through the years. They also paid tribute to him as they spelled out “happy retirement,” with each letter representing some aspect of his life. Presenters were Richard Strong, Heidi Conn, Linda Matzen, Sandra Milne, Paul Boucher, Janice Lowell, Elaine Brown and Debbie Bishop.

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