To the Editor:

What? No letter about the civil rights movement of today? Silence – Martin Luther King, Jr. had something to say about white silence.

I wonder how the immigrant community who had a desire to come to America – the United States – for freedom and peace – how they feel as people who this white supremacy culture despise.

As I see the confederate flags locally, I wonder if the African immigrants understand that these people feel black people should have remained slaves? Do they understand that this country welcomes European immigrants, idolizes European ancestry, and threatens those from Africa, Middle East, Asia, and the native tribes of North, Central, and South America. De-values them to the point of killing them.

So, why the silence? Leave it to Leonard Pitts? There must be some local writers who have something to say in support of the descendants of those who came to this country in chains to work the land and build this country as essential workers.

Speak up please, Sun Journal and Advertiser Democrat! Speak up for the oppressed. At least recognize the 400+ years of oppression. Give up white supremacy. ‘Nuf said.

Vickie Rogers

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