In 2018, myself and other Mainers asked Sen. Susan Collins to vote “no” on Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation due to his troubling health care record. As a former city councilor and executive director of a federally qualified health center, I know how vital it is to have leaders who champion health care policies — particularly during a pandemic.

But Collins abandoned Mainers by putting Kavanaugh on the court and he has already voted against our interests.

Many Mainers donated money to ensure Collins’ opponent had the resources to win. More than $4 million was raised to do so. Collins called such small donations a “bribe,” yet she has been getting bribed by big donors such as BIW’s competitor, Huntington Ingalls Industries, and Big Pharma while she was supposed to be representing Maine people.

It’s time we have a senator who is accountable to their constituents, and we’re standing up to make sure that happens.

James Lysen, Lewiston

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