Water Quality Monitor Lexi Daggett takes a Secchi disk reading. The disk is used to measure water transparency or turbidity in bodies of water. Submitted photo

RANGELEY — The Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust’s Headwaters Lake Protection Program needs help from the community. “Volunteers are essential here at RLHT. With COVID-19 still in action, a lot of dedicated seasonal residents cannot make it back to the region to help us out,” said Water Quality Steward Alayna McNally. “Any help you can provide us to protect our lakes would be appreciated. Training is available.”

Volunteer positions include water quality monitors, invasive plant patrolers and loon counters. Water quality monitor biweekly recording Secchi, dissolved oxygen, possibly a phosphorus grab in the middle of July and August. Invasive plant patrolers paddle around the littoral zones of lakes and identify plants and map them on the lake.

This year, RLHT is coordinating volunteers on ponds and lakes for Maine Audubon from 7 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Saturday, July 18. Contact McNally at [email protected] for specific information in the Rangeley Region or sign up online at https://looncount.maineaudubon.lakesofmaine.org/register.php.

The Rangeley Region lakes and ponds are an economic resource as well as a natural resource. They help relieve property tax burdens on local people in rural communities, and they support substantial economic activity.

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