A freedom walk was held Saturday morning, July 4th in Farmington. The walkers met at the municipal building and walked to the Franklin County Courthouse with many carrying American flags. Scott Landry 

“By far, it was one of my favorite 4th of July celebrations,” Joshua Bell said Sunday night, July 5.

A freedom walk to celebrate independence was held in Farmington Saturday morning, July 4. Steve Deckard, a New Sharon rural mail carrier, was there with his daughter Reagan Deckard. Scott Landry

FARMINGTON — Selectman Chairman Joshua Bell pulled together a last minute event to celebrate the 4th of July on Saturday.

Bell said he came up with the idea for a walk to celebrate America’s independence and freedom.

“It was spread by word of mouth,” he said. “I wanted to see who would show up.

“Our country is divided too much. It wasn’t based on political parties, rather the idea that we’re one country, we’re all Americans regardless of political party.”

A post about the activity was posted on John Black’s Facebook page on Friday. It read: “Pro-America march in Farmington on the 4th of July. I understand the group will gather at the Farmington Municipal Building between 9:30-10:00 AM on Saturday, July 4th and march to the Franklin County Courthouse. This is not to be a political march and NO CAMPAIGN OR POLITICAL SIGNS allowed. American flags are welcome! Let’s get out and stand for America!!!”

A freedom walk held Saturday morning, July 4, in Farmington was organized by Selectman Chairman Joshua Bell. Dexter “Buzz” Bridges of Rome portraying Uncle Sam and Franklin County Sheriff Scott Nichols of New Sharon were among the participants. Scott Landry

“Sheriff Scott Nichols invited me, even though I was the only Democrat there,” Farmington selectman Scott Landry said Sunday.

Attending the freedom walk in Farmington Saturday morning, July 4, were Dexter “Buzz” Bridges and his wife Theresa Bridges of Rome. Scott Landry

“I didn’t want any political signs, just American Flags,” Bell said. “By word of mouth people showed up and celebrated together.

“Some people who were there I wouldn’t have thought of. There were Republicans, Democrats and some Independents I know. It was interesting, a good event. Everything seemed to work out.

“By far, it is one of my favorite 4th of July celebrations.”


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