To the Editor:

Governor, I bet you never expected the sort of eventful term that you have been experiencing since this spring. It is clear that you have been proceeding cautiously and weighing information from experts and interested parties alike, while the progress of this new virus has not followed previously known patterns.

Even as our economy is allowed to get back toward normal, the reduction in business activity and spike in unemployment that Maine has experienced will have a severe impact on the fiscal plans that were made by your administration and the legislature. Guiding the state out of this dip, whether it is a ‘U’, a ‘W’, or a lazy ‘J’, with minimum disruption, will take the skills of the best people available.

We here in the Oxford Hills are ready to help. In fact, one of our residents in particular has vast experience dealing with state-level economics, and is indeed someone you know (since you called him out with respect in your January State of the State address). Of course, I am referring to Sawin Millett of Waterford. As you know, though he claims to be a farmer, he was likely born wearing a green eyeshade. His ability with budgets and accounting is legendary. And, given the long history of service our neighbor has provided the state, I’d expect a call from you to join a recovery task force would be humbly accepted.

Of interest to everyone is the matter of Mr. Millett’s current position as a Representative in district 71. We realize such a change would require a full-time effort and a vacating of the seat; however, we have that covered. Upon your scheduling a special election, an old family friend of Sawin’s and fellow Waterford native with a similar background in agriculture, business, and public service is ready to step up!

Ken Morse of Norway has already announced a run for the legislature and is focusing on food security, local economies, and preparing for how changing climate will affect our communities. Many of us are tired of watching our representatives grant tax breaks to giant multinational corporations, refuse to expand healthcare access, and not stand up to a bullying executive (nothing personal, Governor).

People seeking office should possess character and intelligence. Experience and policy positions count, however the ability to weigh evidence, inquire, discuss, and listen are even more important. Our friend Ken possesses those qualities, just as Sawin is an ace with a spreadsheet. Hopefully you’ll agree that a change in job descriptions for these two gentlemen will benefit us all.


Richard McSherry
North Norway

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