THUMBS UP! I live in the greatest neighborhood (Quimby Pond area) in the nicest town in the greatest State in the good old USA  !!The neighbors keep everything going smoothly. One mows my lawn..unasked and unpaid…. just because he is a great guy..and with another neighbor who has all the big boy toys has  smoothed out our private road…no pot holes for us …they even treated the dirt road for dust.. Another neighbor keeps me plowed in the winter…early and late….never fails..One of the Quimby Pond neighbors has taken on the task of keeping our mailboxes cleared in the winter.. jumped right in and  took over as soon as the past maintenance  neighbor could no longer do it. There is a Friends of Quimby Pond group who do wonderful things to keep “our” pond monitored and jump right in to address any problem that arises..  I’m sure there are other good works I know nothing about….We have two newbies coming, who will fit right in, as soon as they retire..Mr. Rogers would like our neighborhood…BIG THUMBS UP FOR OUR NEIGHBORHOOD…

THUMBS UP to the EMTs who drove me safely to FMH on 6/12 . My family loves to visit Rangeley every summer, coming up for over 25 years. These professionals took great care of me
despite some bumpy roads undergoing construction on Rt. 4.

THUMBS DOWN to visitors and locals alike who refuse to wear a mask in indoor settings such as stores, restaurants and the like.  Going maskless has nothing to do with constitutional rights or manliness.  It has everything to do with not caring about the health of others!

THUMBS UP to the RFA for the community art “Happiness” project. The very idea of it is so very Rangeley!

THUMBS UP to Lori at OG for cooking outdoors during the hot spell. You are why Rangeley Rises!
THUMBS DOWN Sadly, some person(s) stole the Height of Land marker. Shame! That is definitely a Thumbs Down!

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