My wife and I just returned from two nice days in North Conway, New Hampshire. First time since the pandemic began that we have done anything much besides take-out for food.

We were very pleasantly surprised by people’s adherence to the mask guidelines at the hotel, restaurants and stores. There were guests there from all over New England.

When we returned home, I needed to pick up an item at the Home Depot in Auburn. In the 10 minutes I was there, I saw more people with no mask, wearing it improperly or carrying it their hand than I saw the entire time in New Hampshire.

Nothing against Home Depot — it had clear signs saying “Mask required for entry,” and even supplied masks and hand sanitizer in the entrance. Apparently many thought that once they had entered, their responsibility ended. They were wearing masks around their necks, carrying them in their hands, while others ignored the signs completely.

Kudos to New Hampshire— they seem to be doing something right. Perhaps Maine can learn from them.

Lawrence Turcotte, Lewiston

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