It is time that the world, including Lewiston, realizes that there are recording eyeglasses (that can be purchased at reasonable prices) that can be utilized easily by police officers to supplement body cams and by citizens to record events, such as their arrest and possible abuse by police.

If the police utilized the eye-cams they could record while driving down the street and could record things they saw without turning their body toward the danger. They might also be able to livestream encounters  to headquarters for a number of reasons. That would be better protection for good officers that could show they did not mishandle or abuse people they stopped.

If citizens utilize the eye-cams, they would have a video cam of their encounter and, in the case of marches, would have several videos of any police confrontation, again recording what they saw and heard. That would be better protection for citizens who might otherwise be mishandled. It is also a good protection for police who are performing well, but get wrongly accused.

I live in Mexico. Residents here and neighboring Rumford have the best police in America. I am almost never stopped, but the next time I am, I will have a videotape of how to make a good, safe stop.

I am hoping that some of my research of police/citizen contacts will bring people together. In the end, police and citizens have to work together to ensure justice for all.

Robert Hamm, Mexico

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