A WVOM radio talk show does a segment asking callers  “What ticks you off?” I will share a few things that tick me off.

Of major concern are the constant attacks on this country, its religions, the capitalistic system and the police forces.

Those attacks, along with riots, violent demonstrations, looting, crime sprees and the burning of police cars are carried out by, I believe, people who are uneducated and ignorant as to what this country is all about.

As an 86-year-old father of four, I follow the news through various outlets and publications. Some would call me a “political junkie.”

I have come to the conclusion that those “uneducated” people exist, to a large extent, because of three things: The mainstream media, because of its bias, does not always tell the whole story;  the public school system is indoctrinating instead teaching the children; and, for number three — parenting. Children who are taught by their parents to respect others and be responsible do not burn police cars.

Without strong leadership, truth and commitment to this country’s values in all three of those areas, this country is doomed to continued attacks. And, I think, continued attacks will doom this country.

Bottom line to me — good journalists, good teachers and good parents will help to give provide well-educated  and informed voters who will vote for candidates who love this country.

Let’s hope.

George Jones, Otisfield

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