I read Silver Moore-Leamon’s letter to the editor (July 1) and I am writing to encourage investigative journalism.

I also feel that the police ought not to have to deal with homeless people, mental illness and social issues such as disobedience in school.

The next letter, by Michael Tetrault, dealt with violence and I understand where he is coming from. Is smoking in the park something the social services can deal with as a separate department from the Lewiston Police Department? Does it make sense to make a department within the police to deal with stuff like that?

Reshuffling or change? We sure could use some information, some investigative journalism.

On another issue: the confederate flag. An expose of the flags flying or displayed would certainly put a point on it. I know of two locally: Ivory Hill Road in Otisfield and Pleasant Street in Oxford by the Little Androscoggin River. Both jar me every time I go by.

Open white supremacy and undercover white supremacy need to be exposed. Please get on it.

Vickie Rogers, Otisfield

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