As flatlanders from “away,” we have felt blessed to have chosen Maine for our retirement. I can easily understand Tucker Carlson’s selecting a neighboring small town as the best place for his family (story, July 21).

One of the great things I discovered in small town Maine was that, while many of us would be considered “characters” in the flatlands, here, our neighbors show no prejudice against those who march to a different drummer.

In fact, I believe most of my neighbors would fight to protect the individual’s right to live life as they believe it “ought to be.”

I cannot imagine one of my neighbors interfering with Carlson’s right to be different or threatening his family. Yet I realize there are evil actors from “away” that might wish them harm.

I was raised in a community where the crooked sheriff was tied in with the local mob. Another of the many things I like about living in Maine is that our sheriff seems to feel his job is to “serve and to protect” the citizens, not any mob buddies.

Even at 84 and using a walker, I can still use my shotgun. If the sheriff needs to deputize me, I will gladly stand guard. I have no doubt most of my neighbors would volunteer, too.

Tucker, and any other neighbors, need to know — we will not tolerate anyone harming any of us. The troublemakers from away need to know that they are not welcome in our neighborhood.

Thomas Standard, Sumner

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