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Companies are recalling various hand sanitizers because they include harmful chemicals and people drink them.  Frankly, if you are going to use hand sanitizers, use them as little as necessary. Regular use of hand sanitizers kills the natural bacteria and lipid film on our hands, which as part of our immune system, protects us against diseases. For these reasons, I warned years ago, when hand sanitizers were first popular, that they are a backup; otherwise, wash with soap and water! Maybe newscasts should end with a reminder to “wash your hands with soap and water.”

It annoys me that government officials and the vast array of health organizations are not talking about strengthening our immune systems. Instead, we are encouraged to set our hopes on vaccines or other drugs. We’ve become conditioned to depending on a fast cure. In the meantime, we’ve let our immune system fend for itself while we live a toxic lifestyle. Taking responsibility for our health is the first line of defense to protect ourselves and each other from illness and to help relieve the frontlines.

To strengthen our immune system, I’ve gathered these suggestions from years of food and immune system research. Check with nutritionists, doctors, herbalists, or other authorities for backup information.

Move! Walk inside or outside. Move whichever parts of your body you can.

Eat close to the earth – include raw/fermented fruits, vegetables, and edible fungi.

When possible, make eating unprocessed/refined foods a priority. A healthy gut is the first line of defense.

Limit news and social media consumption. Steer away from fear. Fear is an immunosuppressant.

Heal emotional stress.

Listen to your body and watch for signs of trouble.

Love yourself. No one has as big of an interest in your health as you do.

Use high-quality essential oils.

Look into various vitamins such as B, C, D, magnesium, and iron. Are you feeling tired? Stomach issues? Constipated? Research which vitamins support weakened areas.

Don’t freak out. If you can only make one improvement at a time, consider that one is better than none.

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