Everett bought the property in 2018 and revealed last year that they want to build a second propane site. Their first site is in West Paris. Bethel Citizen photo by Samuel Wheeler

BETHEL — Many trees were recently cleared behind Bennetts Automotive Garage on Route 26 headed toward Bethel for a future tank site for Everett Propane.

Everett Propane started this process last spring, but ran into issues with nearby abutters to the property. Abutters had no personal issues with Everett Propane, but brought up multiple safety concerns, including speeding traffic and the potential fire hazards that could come with the site. Multiple residents also complained about the location being too close to their property.

However, abutters and Everett were able to come to an agreement. One key will a be tree-line, which will be planted along some of the property.

Amendments to the site plan were made and the amendments were approved at a planning board meeting in June.

The entry way to the facility will be nearly parallel to the entrance to Sunset Road on the other side.

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