More hunters stalking Maine’s wildlife with crossbows is no reason to celebrate (“Outdoors in Maine: Highlighting changes in crossbow rules,” by V. Paul Reynolds, Sun Journal, July 26).

A member of the Maine Bowhunters Association found that for every deer killed outright by a bowhunter, one more was only wounded and escaped to suffer and die slowly of its injuries.

A study by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department mirrored those findings: The agency determined that the “wound rate” for bowhunting exceeds 50%.

An article in Bowhunter Magazine further confirmed that fact. An article titled, “Bow Wounding Losses THE BIG MYTH,” concluded that, “It is disquieting to know that we probably wound one deer for every animal harvested.”

Add this to the long list of ways that hunters hurt animals, which includes tearing animal families apart, orphaning young and hitting “non-target” species.

Michelle Kretzer, senior writer for The PETA Foundation, Norfolk, Virginia

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