I make no excuses about my love of sports, but that love has been greatly diminished. Not because of the current outbreak of the coronavirus among Miami Marlins players, but because I feel a little misled about how pro games were to be played, with social distancing when possible. I haven’t seen a lot of spitting, high fives celebrating walk-off wins, etc., but the COVID-19 outbreaks continue nationwide. The virus hasn’t gone anywhere.

It is frustrating to me that the mighty MLB-NBA-NHL-NFL can have testing so readily available for sports players, yet the average non-sports person has to wait for a test, all the while potentially spreading the disease among family and communities.

I hope if the COVID-19 virus finds anyone, they don’t have to wait two weeks for the test results while their favorite player can get one or two tests before a game.

It is just a game.

Steve Child, Rumford

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