Contrary to the Sun Journal’s misleading headline, “Poll: Anxiety props up Biden; Trump voters enthusiastic” (July 28), I am enthusiastic about Joe Biden’s candidacy for president, as are many others in Maine and around the country.

We’re enthusiastically supporting his candidacy because of his decency and compassion, his deep and wide experience in helping run the U.S., and his ability to bring together experts who will help guide him in leading this country out of the mess Trump has put it in.

We enthusiastically support Biden because he is a leader who is unafraid of listening to those who disagree with him in order to learn more.

Our enthusiasm for Biden grows daily as we learn of his smart plans to “Build Back Better” — to start repairing the damage Trump has inflicted on workers, families and the middle class.

Election Day can’t come soon enough for Joe Biden’s enthusiastic supporters.

Victoria Cohen, Farmington

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