Just three more months and…what? The incumbent will prolong his infestation of the Oval Twitter Office. Or there will be a new infestation, who pretends to be president. He will be, surrounded by the advisors, strategists, consultants, and what nots all eagerly maneuvering for a piece of the presidential power. The West Wing crew may have to replace Joseph B.I.D.E.N. with a cardboard cut-out if the man begins to imagine he’s a real president.

I’ve been a conservative since I was a fetus and must admit that my assessment of the B.I.D.E.N. may be skewed by prejudgment. Nevertheless I’m feeling quite certain that the majority of voters already committed to Good Ol’ Joe are motivated by the Republican candidate. The Trump Tower Gargoyle has been falsely accused of “divisiveness” several million times. He is, in truth, America’s great unifier. All Democrats, and most socialists, have united behind the Democrats’ prospective candidate because of their intense loathing for the Gargoyle. And it appears that a majority of registered Republicans will stick with him, despite some doubts.

How many Democrats have complete confidence that B.I.D.E.N. won’t turn completely gaga after he occupies the Oval Office? How many are certain he hasn’t already slipped into dementia? How many have failed to notice that he seems incapable of reading his prepared scripts without confusing his readers – and Joe Biden as well. Still a reassuring fact remains. He isn’t Donald J. Trump.

N.B.: I understand that “B.I.D.E.N. Biggest Idiot Democrats Ever Nominated” Stickers are now available. Interested parties can buy one in four sizes. They will have to search for the supplier on the Internet. This column does not serve commerce.

According to a Pew survey published this week the only Democratic voters significantly bothered by Joe Biden’s race and gender are white liberals with graduate degrees, I know lots of liberals of this description. All of them have married white persons with familiar, identifiable genders. They’ll vote for Joe. Nearly 60 percent of respondents said Biden’s age and race do not bother them. Among black voters, 72 percent said they weren’t bothered by Biden’s race and gender, while 70 percent of Hispanic voters said the same.

The Rasmussen daily presidential tracking poll for Friday, July 31, found that 50 percent of likely voters approve of President Trump’s job performance, while 48 percent disapprove. 39 percent strongly approve and 43 percent strongly disapprove. This is encouraging to Republicans alarmed by the series of bad news polls they’ve seen since the economy sank into a coma. There’s further encouragement from the memory that Rasmussen gave Obama a 47 percent approval rating of 47 percent on July 31, 2012.

The next big polling event will come when B.I.D.E.N. announces his choice of vice president. The original date for this announcement was August 1, but it appears that the press, pollsters, and public will have to wait another week. Historically the vice presidency was seen as a pathway to anonymity. The person chosen by the presidential nominee was never, or almost never, chosen because of his qualifications to succeed a president. He, or she, was chosen to “balance” the ticket geographically or ideologically. In our time the criteria have been extended to include gender and race. In this very particular case, competence has come to the fore as never before. The Democratic Party may give us an octogenarian president who may very well become hopelessly dotty while in office. Biden has effectively acknowledged octogenarian pitfalls by forswearing a second term.

The choice is made complicated by two novel rules. Rule One: No white male need apply. Rule Two: No white person will be acceptable. These rule do not guarantee incompetence, but they will restrict the choice. Sen. Klobuchar (D-Minn.) had looked promising, as a calming, perpetually smiling moderate. But she herself had to recognize that she was not only Minnesota “nice” but Minnesota white. Not good. There has been persistent talk of a V.P. Warren. I stick to my prediction that her pallor precludes her. I make no other prediction about Joe’s final choice.

I feel more confident in predicting that the West Wing of the White House will become an arena of conflict in a Biden administration, even more than it is in the Trump administration. I’m just re-reading Tevi Troy’s The Fight House. The author is a veteran pellicle operative who relies on memoirs and interviews to summarize the battles for influence, privileges, and prestige in every presidential administration from Truman to Obama.

If a fully senile President Biden sinks to the incompetence of King Childeric III without surrendering his crown and retiring to a monastery then the power struggle around the presidential throne should prove spectacular. It begins to appear at this early date that a Biden administration will bring in representation from the far-far left. If so this will cause acute discomfort among those they deride as “corporate Democrats.”

NOTE: Childeric III was the last Merovingian king of the Franks. Don’t worry about it. Just showing off.

John Frary of Farmington, the GOP candidate for U.S. Congress in 2008, is a retired history professor, an emeritus Board Member of Maine Taxpayers United, a Maine Citizen’s Coalition Board member, and publisher of FraryHomeCompanion.com. He can be reached at [email protected]

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